Project Description

Discovery Parks Development, Onslow

Ashburton Shire, Onslow, Western Australia, Australia

CLIENT Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd

Located in Ashburton Shire, on the remote Western Australian Pilbara coast, the Discovery Parks Onslow project consists of 375 accommodation units and caravan park sites. Appointed as the water resources consultants for all stages of the project, 体育OB was tasked with designing a cost-effective and sustainable water and wastewater solution to cater for the increasing population.


体育OB’s water resources management strategy included:

  • Investigating and implementing an innovative recycling blackwater system for re-use of non-potable water and a desalination plant to provide the shortfall in potable water supply to the site.
  • A customised system of discrete modular components tailored to the project to reduce capital and ongoing costs, optimise maintainability and future proof expansion over typical containerised packaged solutions.
  • Recycling of non-potable water for irrigation, washing machines, WC flushing and general cleaning.
  • 3,145,000 litres of water per year will be recycled through the water system, mitigating the demand for a large desalination plant on site. Effluent discharge to land will also be minimised by 3,145,000 litres, therefore maximising the development opportunity to the site.
  • Working proactively on behalf of the client, 体育OB produced a Recycled Water Quality Management Plan (RWQMP), liaised with the local Shire Council, WA Department of Environment and Conservation and WA Department of Health. The RWQMP was approved by the Department of Health and the Department of Environment & Regulation (DER), allowing the recycled water system to be installed on site.