Anthony Marklund

Congratulations to our Principal Sustainability Engineer, Anthony Marklund, for being recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia as one of the inaugural 2020 Green Star Champions.

Green Building Council of Australia

Green Building Council of Australia, CEO Davina Rooney said: “The award recognises the vision, passion and commitment of leaders across our industry who work tirelessly in the delivery of a more sustainable built environment through GBCA’s Green Star certification program. Our inaugural Green Star Champions demonstrate the meaningful long-term change that individuals can effect by ensuring better outcomes for projects and the community through Green Star. Our Green Star Champions are ambassadors for Australian excellence, for the delivery of world leading projects across our cities and communities. It is their work that helps inspire change across industry by showcasing what is possible. This recognition today celebrates their success and the inspiration we know they provide throughout their organisations, with colleagues, teams and across industry.”