体育OB has received a letter of congratulations from the CEO of the International WELL building Institute, Mr Rick Fedrizzi, for its recent achievement of gaining WELL Platinum Certification of our headquarters in Brisbane.

Mr Fedrizzi commented, “This is a tremendous accomplishment, one that is of the utmost importance in the construction industry and a true testament of leading by example. Leadership requires the courage to be among the first to take bold steps, and 体育OB’s project team left no doubt that the potential to improve people’s health and well-being made the journey worthwhile.

“Even in these times of crisis, we remain hopeful about our future because of organizations like 体育OB, whose engagement has been instrumental in protecting global health. Thank you for your relentless support to contribute to safer and healthier conditions for everyone, everywhere. It is people like you who are at the foundation of this global movement to build and sustain a better future.”

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